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Nov 7, 2004
honey bum sugar plum

today i played tennis. but it looked more like i was competing with my brother on who can hit the ball out of the court. like seriously. THE COURT. like over the green fence thing. like into the nurseryschl beside us. so stupid... picked balls until i got giddy. then my father said im too black, very ugly. thanks daddy. THEN i went to swim... i went to swim. . then swim.yeah. that's it.  vivikins said i look like a goldfish with contacts. CURSES!!!!! i hope u accidentally swallow ur spoon. oh yes! my junior SAMANTHAAAAA... she's funky. she talks the talk and her socks are getting lower! must...pull..up...socks... seriously la. must dress the rite way at the right time. confidence baby confidence. i think im gonna go sleep now. pian4 nee3 de4. 

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Oct 17, 2004
the brain called jane.

i ordered a new brain i ordered a new brain!!!! this is gonna be my SECOND brain for the year. its quite KEEEWLLL yanoe. rachel ordered a pentagon shaped one for me. the square one's the IN brain rite now but its out of stock. No fair! (wen i like something the whole world likes it too. like those itsy bitsy skirts. i dont like itsy bitsy skirts anymore. they're ugly. NOO IM JUST KIDDDINNNG!!! IIII LIIIIKE THEEEEMMMMM I LIKE THEM!!!! nvm.) okay. back to the point... i went to buy the cookie cutting shape thingies. u noe... star shape...heart shape...yada yada... so i can shape my brand new pentagon brain.i wanted to use the heart shape cutting thingy. but i realized my body might get confused and start sending weird gases and liquids to my brain.tts not rite! the brain is supposed to be dry and gasless. otherwise the little man in the little chair in the little control room in my little.. no.. BIG brain might drown and die. or breathe too much and burst. im so worried...

oh and rachel's such a hog. she forgot that i moved house. so GREAT... now the brain delivery man's gonna send the brain to chinatown. which is like what?? in honolululu?? i cant wait anymore k! my present brain's getting bigger and bigger.... and rounder and rounder... CANNOT! that's not the KEeewwWWL shape. i wanna be cool! and i cant..bal..ance... anymor..ee... its very tiring. dont ever order a round brain. PROMISE ME. but rachel's very smart. she suggested i stand on my brain and type with my toes. aint that cute! and YES, im typing with my toes rite now... and NO, u may not type with ur toes. that's copying.

OHOH! orchard is full of weird people. they're so poorthing. why cant they be like me. its not fair.

my dad forgot to pick me up from piano... OKaaaayyyy...... i *AHEM* forgive him. so poor cute little cool me (nono! im just kiddingggg!!! im not cool NOR am i cute! im just fabulous) had to walk (WALK LEH! WAAALKKK LEH! okay. i took bus.) all the way home.            eh! like that pig..."wee wee wee... all the way home.."       then i saw this girl with a doggie bag. and when i say doggie bag i mean doggie bag. it looked like this poor little puppy stabbed with straps and stapled with zips. tts not rite! so i mourned for that poor little puppy in the solitary confinement of my tweeny pink room on my 4 humped camel in the middle of the kallang indoor stadium....    OKOK! i didnt! i just stared, with one hand beneath my mouth, all ready to catch my jaw if it dropped.

u noe wat... this entry's such crap. its basically bout my brain and a bag. give me ONE day.. i'll go read mother goose. then i can come blog bout feminist issues happnin 'round this stinky bachicky world.

oh btw, the little man in the little control room in my brain's called mr. porkle. he's from portugal. he likes sunglasses coz it can get sunny in there... u noe... with all the ENLIGHTENMENT i get so very often... geddit? LIGHT...SUNGLASSES... hahhahahahahahahah!!!!!!! im so funnyyyyy!!!!!! oh forget it.

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Apr 15, 2004
volunteers wolunteers yolenteers

wah. im back from the dead. again.  met up with the math camp volunteers today. n im ohsoglad that they're so spunky! im very happy, u noe?, u noe?, u noe? anywaez, today morning sucked and unsucked. the council president gave me a No-smile talk on my attire. which she thinks is very untidy. but she did make a pt wen she said i shudent bring down the image of the whole council down just because i want things my way. okay. i agree with u. but wadeva. u could have smiled. a little. i guess. oh! and MRS. shirley tieh is SOOO NICE! im never gonna screw up my face wen i see her again.

herez some stuff my group and i figured about the volunteers :

They have an idea the size of a ball of snot on how the sailor moon(golden hair short skirt one) looks like. they say i look like her. such liars! but i like liars. so nvm.

They have a problem with rachel. said she looks like a maid. not that maids look disgusting. they make my life so much happier man! just that she looks haggard.

They have an idea the size of my little toe on how a bunny wabbit looks like. (btw, my little toe is very little. they said kim looks like one. such liars! kim, u like liars? bunnies are cute. er..rite? no.

They think that people are not supposed to see anything wen they're having sex. pls... lingerie's made for a reason...

They think looks matter more than body wen searching for a life partner. because, " the lights are all turned off wat.. so the fats can pass for breasts rite?" no. see reason above.

Therez one that's just as crazy about mr. tang as i m. hez botak man... i cant help it!

They can spell better than us. we had problems spelling GUNNY SACK. we thot it was gunee or gunni or guni or gani or gany. we tried okay???!!! ok.

ohyeah! in case u, my dear readers, dont noe... me and rachel cant help falling for bald guys. the balder the hotter. yeh! u noe wen i went to this meditation course on this hill in burma... there were so many temporary young monks. and monks have no hair. therefore, i thot they were cute. which is rong. coz they're monks. im ashamed. should i be? no.

do normal people edit their entries? therez a comment thingy below each entry. pls use it. the tag board's obviously dead. it sniffed its armpits too much.

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Feb 25, 2004
gawd dang it.

this girl from my new class told kim she thot i was an ego freak. and i thot that kinda sucked coz she was making such a quick jugdement. and the BEST thing is i dont talk to her much... didnt think she was like that.  maybe she isnt. i dunno. im gonna ask her.... i thot being an ego freak meant i was cocky... like seriously cocky. but kim jodie and rach said that it dint mean that in their context. and kim and rach said im an ego freak too. but i dont mind that. coz they noe me. so i dont think they're all that serious....hopefully. i dont think my sarcasm equates to being an ego freak. owell!

oo! havnt blogged in coon's ages. its gettting sooper boring. so is reading other people's blogs.  i wanted to talk about my  wonderfulous trip to burma and the funky things me and everyone else did at the medidtation centre. its up on a beeeg and high hill. how nice is that??! but i dont want to anymore. it was TWO MONTHS AGO. Next one! ANYWAEZ.... im so lethargic i dont even sing much anymore.  i dont wanna change.... but even if i do, i hope my friends understand. somedays im like a walkin zombie.. wait.. zombies walk wat!... aiya... im just like zombie wen i get home. and it doesnt help make things any better that i got into a fite with my dad a few days ago. i desperately needed to get somewhere like pronto. so i reeeallyy reallly wanted him to send me. but in the midst of the fite,i just stoopidly blurted out, "I DONT WANT TO GO WITH YOU ANYMORE" felt like kicking my ass can??!!! THE BUS MOVES LIKE CONSTIPATED SHIT!!! I NEEEEED THE CAR! so i ended up being sooper late for an appointment. but it dint matter coz my soooper punctual friends were late too. which is good. if not i have to owe them my life. and i owe alot of people my life already.. like kimberly and meiling.. not like they saved my life. actuallly i saved kimberly's life before k.  I NOE I DID... just dunno wen...or where.                   or wat.

AZZ I WAZZZ ZAYING.. im apparently the cause of kimberly's FLU...and its MY FAULT she drops her files... its COZ OF ME kimberly embarrassed herself in front of alot of tweens wen she accidently chased a bus wen it wasnt even running away. it just arrived. like that lor. IM SOOOO SORRY. as if. REALLY....  and i owe my life to meiling coz i always ask her to help me carry my file. its VERY HEAVY OKAYYYY...... blaff u one.

these days have not been the best of days. but cooom woot may. i'll try to have fun. like i always have.
OHOH!!!! yunpei asks weird questions. like :"WAT SIZE BED DO U SLEEP ON? QUEEN SIZE OR SINGLE?" umm... single.. isnt that SHO IN TER REST TIN....

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Dec 10, 2003

im back from exotic thailand. had a frickity blast. it just rock rock rockeD.and it has added charcoal to the flame of passion i have for the music i play. shit. this line duzent sound so good does it. owell. we went to this AMAZING arts university where we did STUFF. we interacted with the thai students there.. pretty fun stuff. i had this 17 yr old guy called AN. (ahh-n) sit beside me. i was kind of THE LINK between him and my snr michelle. tiring stuff. felt very mentally pressurized. hahaha... coz michelle has NEGATIVE interest in him. prolly coz he isnt blessed with the most beautiful face in the werld. well... he wanted michelle's email add. but michelle freaked out...( she'd feel like crying everytime he passed her.. seriously freaked or wot????!!!) so i had to very reluctantly break his little heart and tell him that her account was frozen, and she has a boyfriend. (NOT TRUE!!! im ashamed) so infatuated lil him asked ME for my email add. y??? so that he could send emails to me... then i PASS them to MICHELLE. GGGAAAWWWDDDDDD!!!!! i told him like A GAZILLION TIMES that she "already has a boyfriend" but that poor goon didnt seem to get it. so after like dunno HOW MANY pleas. i agreed to give it to him. okAY.... so the whole mich-AN issue was the talk of the town. i think hez a pretty nice guy. he went to photocopy CONCERTINO for me on his own accord. that's nice enuff yeah. but its still fun for half the band to poke fun at him. YES YES!!! I NOE IM WRONG!!! #$&#^ O YEAH!!!! everyone agrees that there are very many pretty males and females in thailand. some "guys" (donno wat they really are) have looong... luscious....hair.... like WHOOOAAA..... the ah gua's look better than we do. cool huh. um. and jodie. there was LOADS of cheap makeup in thailand, but i dint noe u wanted them. and i have no idea where to get them in burma. so i'll just get u slippers k.  and kim. i got u a pair of earrings. the blue dangly one kinda genre. (the one from the kiddy sect) . rejoice.

IM NOT DONE YET!!! we went to THE PATTAYA ORPHANAGE HOME also.. and it was one heck of a tear triggerer. not coz they were pathetic or anything. they're not!  they're happy hopping kids. but becoz their innocence just pierced rite thru me. it's the not knowing that keeps them...arrgh. yanoe. they're SO lovable. they just ran up to me. grabbed my hand. put it around them. showed me they're mesmerizing smiles. ogled at my watch. posed frickinly stylishly for photos. or at least i thot so. they just pull u into their world regardless of hu u are. u dont have to knock or wateva. and TADA. ur part of them. i hate the whole "ur intimidating, im intimidating. so u dont touch me and i wont touch u." crap. i always thot that looks mattered ALOT. if a baby wasnt cute, i wudent love him that much. but over there, everyone just looked so beautiful. prettyness was waaaay at the back of my mind. gawd... u CANNOT imagine. i was totally in my element. no pretense no nothing. just me.

to put it on a more dramatic note, i was tearing prolly coz i was worried.. um... bout their future. (freak. so ah ma-ish) bangkok's not an easy place to grow up in.      i thot it sucked that i could only come into their lives for THAT short a a moment. shower them with all i could give. then POOF. be gone. i wanna sponsor a kid, but now's not the rite time. owell. im gonna make sure i check out an orphanage in burma wen i go later on. i still got LOTS to say!!!!!!!! hoooooowww???? okok. i'll keep it short. go figure.

sometimes people try too hard to grow up. and im having fun coz im learning to do wat i wanna do wen i want wherever i want and however i want. not having to worry bout being too different's a bliss. i bet im having more fun than "miss grown up" will every have. no?

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Dec 5, 2003

hahaha.... jodieeee jodie. u larmish thing.... boredom is part and parcel of life... it's like the annoying scotchtapes on the wrapper that just dont seem to end... u curse and curse the gift giver... but then again, ud prolly love him for all hez worth wen u get over with the scotchtapes. being bored is inevitable... just like how mice are destined to eat chocolates for breakfast. do. u. get. my point.? i dont. owell. we all just HHHAATE being bored dont we???!!! like DUH!!!!

i'll be going to bangkok in a few hours. yay!!! its gonna be mad mad fun with the band. i just got over council camp. u CANNOT imagine how tough it was... im never gonna forget it man. it made a toughie like me feel like such a sissified wimp. home NEVER seemed so wonderful before. aiwen and i managed to squeeze out 1.5 hours for band practice. we almost cried outta joy man!!! OKAAAAY..... not that drama lah.... but something like that. life looked SO GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL during that short time. i felt so cooped up in the camp man.... and MONICA and COOPED UP DOOO NOOOTTT mix. nah uh!  im the kinda spoilt brat hu needs half the werld to frolick around in. like HOP! HOP! that kinda thing.... u get wot i mean. but all in all, i wont deny it was bloody worth it. im. a. changed. woman. shit... that sounds crappy. ANYWAEZ, i'll be away for pretty much the whole month so u guys better miss me!!!!!!!  and um... kimberly...i noe u love ur brother... but..but...HEZ JUST NO FRICKIN MATCH FOR ME MAN!!!! "my hands are often mistaken for tree trunks.." hahahahahhahhH!!!!!!! that got my guts rolling after i put down the phone... seriously. RONALD... um... nice one... keep it up. :P

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Nov 30, 2003

GAWD.... yesterday was one damn exciting day. not like we did anything SOOOPER FANTASTIC of anything. we just HUNG... oyeah. with rachel cheresa and me. went to this MAKESHIFT history museum.... acted stoopid...  they had sampans and rickshaws. so we took turns being a rickshaw puller. and i was a sampan lady. seriously... we were like sitting on the sampan rowing like we never rowed before. wait. that duzent make much sense, does it... but all in all, it was a stoopid museum. cheresa said if it sucked we could use her head as a stool. so like rachel said... we're still waiting for our stool. SHOW US THE STOOL. oOHOHOH!!!!! before we went in, there was this kiddy dome where u get to paint ur hand and face and stuff. then u get to cut paper... and make BOOTifool masks. i was the onli one hu was excited. i ran in ooooing and ahhing and just plonked down on a seat and started painting my hand. HEY! THE PEOPLE THERE SHOULD THANK ME FOR MAKING THEM LOOK LIKE THEY"RE JOB'S SO BLOODY WORTH IT MAN!!! rachel and cheresa... the GROWN UPS... just reluctantly made a mask for my brother. um... btw, cheresa.. CANNOT make masks. then we went to orchard road... the road where all bored people hang and still get bored. took a few..ok, ALOT of neoprints. id really like to upload the pictures but i stuck them in this pretty personal scrapbook where i stick anything i want. onli a priviledged few will get to check it out... NAW!!! if half the werld wanted to see it, id show it to them. eventho its got some of the more embarrassing pictures of me.. but hey! that's me. and since i gotta stick with this face for the rest of my mortal life i better like it for all its worth.

owell. its just another day in the life of boring ol' me.... YEAH, RITE!!!

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Nov 28, 2003

weepee. im back. say u missed me. SAY SAY SAY SAY SAY!!!!! yaneywaez, i was gonna say something but i forgot. owell. im going to THE SINGAPORE HISTORY MUSEUM tomorrow. coz i wanna become smarter. oo!!! so educational. cant wait cant wait cant wait. im gonna find out bout sir stamford raffles and evryone else. now tell me... HU DUZENT WANNA NOE BOUT SIR STAMFORD RAFFLES???!!! hez like the founder of the merlion!!! like duh! like TOOOtally... like wateveRRRR. oyeah. me and kimBERLY are in the same class. WOOOOhohoHOHOOOOO!!!!! we decided we're gonna go to college together. then go to uni together. than get boyfriends together. as in she gets MR. X and i get MR. X's brother. nice huh. owell. that day i was talking to her over the phone, then i got into an argument with her little peewny brother. i insulted him, he insulted me.... i told him to run to a corner, eat his corn then read the dictionary before talking to me. coz his werds aint big enuff to hurt me. So he said.. "i'll crush ur bones into a million pieces.. my arms are often mistaken for tree trunks." so i told him to lose some weight. Then he said im a bamboo. so i said hez got fats for brains. then his nice sister told me not to be mean. so i stopped torturing the little amateur. shoo.

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Nov 20, 2003

shit. damn f***ed up rite now. ive got like this SOOOPER FABULOUS dessert and pastry cook book that lks absolutely droolsome. im itching to make them BUT... there ALWAYS has to be a but... i dont have all the ingredients. ive got suger. they need CASTER SUGAR. aargh. they want plain yoghurt, ive got STRAWBERRY yoghurt. s t o o o p i d. and a whole bunch of other stuff... and NOBODY...including me.. wants to go out to buy the stuff. ITS A BLOODY HOT DAY AND I...WANT...MY...CAKE...  todae sucks. except in the morn wen i had the whole fish drawing competition with pearlene. we were competiting to see hu could draw 36 fishies the fastest. pearlene sucked big time at drawing fishes so she lost. MUAHA! o..and the embarassing part... i was concentrating so hard on drawing the 36 fishies i dropped a blob of drool on the reception table. ahhahahahahahhahahahhahahhaa. felt bad for the table.  WATEVA!!!!!!

oh yeah. my brother wrote in his journal for the british council that 2 of his girlfriends almost broke up with him todae.(the teacher was shocked) hez got 3 girlfriends to be exact. and hez onli 6. anywaez, he seemed realli shy wen we asked him y they almost broke up with him. the poor guy refused to tell. so i kept bugging. then finally he told me in one loud embarassed shut eyed shout. :" BECAUSE I TOLD THEM MY JIE JIE WAS MY FAVOURITE GIRLFRIEND!!! SO THEY GOT JEALOUS!!!" hahahahhahah. forgive my brother. hez too young to understand that his jie jie shouldnt be called his girlfriend. anywaez... they still patched up. Y? coz his "half best friend", jovan, talked to his girlfriends and they agreed to "friend him again. save me.

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Nov 17, 2003
gone cooky

argh. argh. argh. peanuts. argh. im feeling cookish these days. SEE! bored DOES do things to ur head. ive been surfing the web for smoothie recipes...chicken wing recipe thingies...DIY cheese cakes.... yummmmyyy.... and this week, ive made shepard's pie 3 times already this week. not like its the yummiest thing in the werld or anything. but it'll pass. todae was mass house cleanup. coz this banker lady was coming to our house to take photos. there was sooooo muccchhh paper scattered in my room i had ZERO idea wat to do. just sat in the middle of my room staring at the green recycling bag. nice. anywaez, this entry's boring....oh. and i gotta go pacify bobbAy huz still wimping in the corner after yesterday. not like i want to...but wen bobbAy's sad, he eats massive amounts of chocolates. which mummAy happens to like ALOT. ...must...save.....cho...co....late...


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